My digital camera adapters

For the best results, a digital camera adapter is recommended. This device connects your camera to your scope so that they are alinged. It has a major advantage over holding the camera by hand in that it keeps the camera perfectly stable.

I use two different types of digital camera adapter, both manufactured by Olivon and designed for use with the Olivon series of spotting scopes. The Olivon Standard digital camera adapter is suited for cameras with internal operating zoom lenses and SLR bodies, when the camera body is fixed in a static position. The Olivon Universal digital camera adapter is designed for use with most digital cameras, including cameras with external zoom lenses. It features adjustable depth height and horizontal settings.

Olivon Standard Digital Camera Adapter

My Olivon standard digital camera adapter consists of three parts.
Part A slides over the eyepiece and screws directly on to the scope body. Part B slots over the eyepiece and on top of part A, tightening a thumb screw secures it to part A. Note the cut-out section that allows you to operate the zoom eyepiece even with a digital camera attached.
Part C is a 28mm stepping ring (other sizes are available to suit camera model), this screws on to my Nikon Coolpix 4500 or Contax SL300 28mm threaded lens and then screws on to Part B.

A T2 mount can also be attached for use with digital SLR camera bodies. This adapter is not suited to cameras with external zoom lenses as the adapter fixes the camera in to a static position. The advantages of this adapter is that the camera and scope a perfectly alinged simply by connecting the two together, no adjustments are required. It is also a very stable connection.

The camera can be easily removed from the spotting scope by loosening the grub screw and sliding Part B off Part A if normal viewing is required.
Retail prices around £49.99.

Olivon Universal Digital Camera Adapter

The Olivon Universal Digital Camera Adapter is designed to work with most digital compact cameras. It is ideally suited to cameras with external moving zoom lenses. The adapter slots over the spotting scope eyepiece and is secured by a tightening screw. You can then attach your digital compact camera via the tripod socket. Then simply invest a few minutes of time to alter the horizontal, vertical and depth settings to suit your digital camera model so that it is alinged with your spotting scope eyepiece.

The beauty of this adapter is that you can use almost any digital compact camera, even if it has an external zoom lens, you simply adjust the depth rotating wheel to alter how close your camera is positioned to the scope. No need for lens adapters or specialist digital cameras, the latest compacts can now be used along with all the benefits and high megapixel resolutions they offer.

Another important feature of the adapter, is that you can rotate the camera away from the scope at any time so that you can use the scope yourself to observe, then simply rotate the camera back and it sits in its original position ready to digiscope.
Retail prices around £69.99.

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Contax SL300 connected to Olivon Standard Digital Camera Adapter via 28mm stepping ring

Nikon Coolpix 4500 connected to Olivon Standard Digital Camera Adapter via 28mm stepping ring

Digital SLR body connected to Olivon Standard Digital Camera Adapter
via T2 mount

Digital SLR body and 18-55mm lens connected to Olivon Standard Digital Camera Adapter via 58mm stepping ring

Nikon Coolpix attached to scope via the Olivon Universal Camera Adapter.