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If you want to be more creative with your DSLR, but still want the camera to control the exposure, try using the P (programme) option, which allows you to alter things like the ISO.

The smaller the F number, the larger the aperture. A larger aperture allows more light in to your camera resulting in faster shutter speeds.

To achieve shots with blurred backgrounds and a sharp object in the foreground e.g. portrait or flower photography, set your camera to A (aperture priority) and select a wide aperture (low F number - e.g. f2.8).

To achieve images that are sharp in the foreground to infinity e.g. - a landscape shot, select a higher aperture - e.g. F11, Remember, the larger the F number, the smaller the aperture, resulting in less light, therefore slowing own your shutter speed, a tripod may be needed.

If you don't want to use the flash on your camera in a low light situation, increase the ISO setting, this in effect, increases the sensitivity of the sensor to light, meaning that you can capture low light subjects and still hand hold the camera without motion blur. Remember that increasing the ISO setting does degrade the image, the higher the number, the lower the quality.

See the beginner guides section for more information.

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This months readers gallery DSLR featured shots:

Photographer Richard Hemus
Subject Gadwall
Location Old Moor RSPB, Dearne Valley, S.Yorkshire
Date 21.02.09
Equipment EOS 450D and Tamron 70-300

Photographer Richard Hemus
Subject Pheasant
Location Old Moor RSPB, Dearne Valley, S.Yorkshire
Date 04.02.09
Equipment EOS 450D and Tamron 70-300

Welcome to DSLR diary, part of Digiscoping introduced me to the world of digital photography and capturing images of wildlife. As my hobby increases, so has my interest in digital photography I decided to invest in a DSLR system. As a beginner and a restricted budget I opted for an entry level DSLR - the Canon 400D. My main subject matter is still wildlife, but I am now progressing in to the world of DSLR macro and landscape photography.

This part of the website is dedicated to my experiences as a beginner setting out in to the world of DSLR photography and aims to help anybody who is in the same situation. Over the last few months, I've searched the internet to learn techniques and read lots of magazines for photography hints and tips.

The website is written for the beginner and offers basic information to help you get started in DSLR photography. The site features a section on my DSLR equipment, including DSLR body, lenses and accessories. Wildlife, Macro, Landscape and general galleries of my photographs are included. The site also feature some beginner guides on various photographic techniques. As with digiscopediary, there is also a section dedicated to my experiences throughout the year using my DSLR equipment.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and that some of this information within this website is of use.

Rob Wilton

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