Optical Hardware | Visionary Freebird 8x42

New from the Visionary range of binoculars comes the FREEBIRD model - this is a really tough binocular designed for the nature viewer.

Ergonomically, the FREEBIRD is a tough cookie - the very durable but light, textured rubberised body gives you instant confidence and you know that these binoculars will be able to stand the elements no problem - no matter what weather is thrown at them. I tested the 8x42 model and for a binocular with these optics - the body is very compact - and a pleasure to hold - with a feeling of quality and comparable with much more expensive models.

Optically, they performed equally as well, I used them in both wide bright expanses of landscape as well as in dense woodland - looking up at Long-eared owls in roost - they gave me excellent clear views and good depth of field - even in very low-light conditions.

The FREEBIRD range come with the superb Naturephase coated lenses, giving superb clear, crisp images.

With an RRP of around £180 for the 8x42 model - you are certainly getting a lot of optics for your money - I found them a pleasure to use, hold and carry - and they certainly enhanced my day out, birdwatching in the cold morning frost.

  • Available in 8x42 and 10x42
  • Twist eyecups
  • Fully waterproof and rubber armoured
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Complete with case and strap

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