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This area is dedicated to testing any products relevant to digiscoping, from scopes and binoculars to adapters and gadgets. Each product has been taken out in to the field and used by myself - an end user like you.
The advice, reviews and opinions expressed in this section is based purely on my own findings and personal preferences.

Product categories

Spotting Scopes

Olivon T-84 EDO
Olivon T64
Olivon T90 and T90ED digiscope test comparison
Olivon T90 and T90ED 22x-68x zoom tests
Optical Hardware Hite-Lite 18-36x50 Compact Spotting Scope
Visionary V80 20-60x 80mm Spotting Scope

Binoculars & Monoculars

Visionary Freebird 8x42
Optical Hardware Ostara 8x42 ED

Optical Hardware Prophecy 8x42 High quality binoculars
Optical Hardware Visionary StormQuest 8.5x50
Optical Hardware Visionary Wetland 8x42 - Great Value
Optical Hardware Visionary 10x25 Monocular
Optical Hardware Elinor 8x45
Olivon FZ 8x40
Optical Hardware Visionary Inara 7.5x36
Optical Hardware Visionary M-10 waterproof monocular
Visionary WDX 6x18 ultra-compact
Visionary Zoom Monocular ZM-X Ultra Close focussing
Visionary Idonea 8x25
Visionary Wetland 12x42

Digiscoping Adapters, tripods and accessories

Olivon Universal Digiscoping Adapter
Visionary Digiscoping Adapters
Optical Hardware Chest & Shoulder Support
Optical Hardware Heavy Duty Clamp
Olivon TRM 148 Monopod
Olivon TRBH-14 Heavy duty ball head with quick action grip
Olivon Hide Clamp System
Olivon Podtrek

Digital Cameras

Ricoh GX100
NIkon Coolpix 4500
Contax SL300T* 3.2 megapixel digital camera
Digiscoping with a DLSR

In theory, holding a digital camera in your hand and placing it in front of the lens of your spotting scope and taking a picture can be classed as digiscoping, in fact on the internet you can find images taken in this manner and the results are surprisingly good.

To get the best out of the digiscoping 'method' and to produce sharp images, certain equipment is required. It doesn't need to cost the earth to achieve good telephoto images of wildlife. Opposite is a list of equipment and useful accessories that I use to take my pictures.