24-72mm optical zoom lens

10 megapixel CCD

2.5" LCD screen

Removable electronic viewfinder.

7 blade iris aperture.

Vibration correction and high sensitivity

1cm macro.

Versatile exposure modes

Flexible shooting functions

Wide range of accessories available

RAW file format

Program, Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority modes

Full manual mode

Exposure compensation settings

Spot metering and spot area AF

Excellent battery life

Continuous shooting

Clip on lens adapter available allows connection easily to 43mm stepping rings

Electronic remote control available

Large bright 2.5" LCD screen

Electronic viewfinder available

Ricoh | GX100 Digital camera

The Ricoh GX100 - a digiscoper's delight!

The Ricoh GX100 has been greatly received by the photo press industry, winning several awards and regarded as one of the best advanced compact cameras on the market. Not only is the GX100 a fantastic all round high end compact, it is also generating a lot of interest in the digiscoping world.

The GX100 has a lot of features packed into it's compact body that are perfectly suited to the digiscoper. It's small and lightweight, 10 megapixels makes cropping far easier, it also offers the user full control over all it's settings. A large crystal clear 2.5" LCD screen helps with scope focussing and if the sun is too bright, then a plug-in electronic viewfinder can take over. Battery life is also superb, even with extensive use of the large LCD screen.

The GX100 connects easily to digiscope adapters

Ricoh have developed a number of accessories for the GX100 which can be utilised by the digiscoper including a clip on lens adapter that can accept 43mm stepping rings allowing easy connection to your spotting scope, plus an electronic shutter release cable for hands free operation.

I have been using the Ricoh GX100 to digiscope for the last 3 months and I've taken my best pictures to date. In my opinion it is extremely easy to use, gives all the control you could ever wish for, connects easily to a spotting scope with useful accessories and takes great pictures.

For more information on digiscoping with the Ricoh GX100 digital camera, follow the links below:

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For more information on the Ricoh GX100 contact the UK distributor for Ricoh digital cameras - Alpha Digital Services.