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No digital camera on the market today has been designed for digiscoping, but some, more than others, lend them selves particularly well to the application.

The GX100, in my opinion is a great camera for digiscoping, not only does it have all the necessary features and modes to enhance the digiscoping technique, there are also a range of accessories which lend themselves particularly well to digiscoping.

The Ricoh GX100 can be securely connected your spotting
scope adapter via a 43mm stepping ring

Connecting the Ricoh GX100 to a spotting scope.

The GX100 has an external zoom lens, which has, in the past, been a feature that a lot of digiscopers have tried to avoid, favouring a camera with an internal zoom lens. This not only limits the choice drastically, it often means that cameras available are out of date on features and technology.

Ricoh have solved this problem by producing the HA-2 lens adapter. Designed to accept filters and adapters with a 43mm thread, the adapter clips over the zoom lens allowing the full operation of the external zoom lens within the HA-2 housing. This means you can connect the camera via a 43mm stepping ring to your spotting scope adapter and still operate the zoom lens fully. This is a fantastic feature, the cameras lens can be zoomed to eliminate any vignetting whilst attached to the scope. The HA-2, in effect, gives the GX100 an internal zoom lens.

To connect the camera to the scope, simply clip the HA-2 camera adapter on to the camera body, then screw in a 43mm stepping ring on to the HA-2, which can then be attached to your spotting scope adapter.

Please note the HA-2 lens adapter is not supplied with the camera.

The Ricoh GX100 with HA-2 lens adapter and CA-1 electronic shutter release cable

The Ricoh GX100 ready for action with lens adapter HA-2 connected to spotting scope adapter

Hands free operation via the Ricoh CA-1 electronic shutter release cable.

Hands free operation is vital in digiscoping to limit camera shake. The Ricoh CA-1 electronic shutter release cable plugs in to the USB socket of the GX100 and can be used to obtain focus lock and shutter release operation.

Please note the CA-1 shutter release cable is not supplied with the camera.

The Ricoh VF-1 electronic viewfinder

Another useful accessory the GX100 has to offer is the VF-1 electronic viewfinder which can be plugged in to the camera. Even with a large bright 2.5" LCD screen, in certain lighting conditions, a viewfinder will offer the clearest option. Simply alternate between viewfinder and LCD screen via the pressing of a button. The angle of the VF-1 is also adjustable for optimum eye position.

Other Ricoh GX100 available accessories

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