Useful digiscoping website links to get you started.

I have found all the websites below extremely useful, both informative and inspirational, they are the ideal starting point to begin your digiscoping journey.

Digiscoping Advice, pictures and techniques

This website is packed with information, I have used it to get all my camera settings from. Particularly useful if you are digiscoping with a Nikon Coolpix 4500, there's a section dedicated to its set-up.

Features an amazing portfolio of pictures from Andy Bright both digiscoped and DSLR.

DSLR gallery website featuring the photography of Tony Bishop, Site includes galleries of wildlife from around the world, there are also photographic galleries of macro, landscape and general photography. Anthony uses the Sigma 50-500 for the majority of his wildlife images with great success.
Belvide Birding

A fascinating insight into the daily activity at Belvide Reservoir near Wolverhampton, Steve Nuttall, a local warden logs all the birds sighted, also features a fantastic range of superb digiscoped images of the bird life around the reservoir.

Andy Holt

This website inspired me to give digiscoping a try, Andy Holt's website has lots of superb bird pictures, There's also lots of useful information on each image.

Most of the photographs were taken in the Staffordshire area, at Staffordshire Wildlife Trust reserves and West Midland Bird Club locations, I'm hoping I'll bump in to him one day and he can give me some useful tips!

A charming site full of great digiscoped images by Dylan Mackey. The navigation system is easy to use and you can search for bird images by name or location.

There's a nice section dedicated to Robins, and a video of Dylan hand feeding them with meal worms!

A site dedicated to the work of Laurence Poh, the Father of digiscoping, this site contains valuable information and articles.

The picture gallery is outstanding, some images on this site are truly works of art.

Offer an exclusive and excitingly planned five day experience, visiting some of the most prolific birding, wildlife and historical areas in southern Spain.

Digiscoping Products, Manufacturers and Distributors
The UK distributor for Olivon products.
Optical Hardware are manufacturers and distributors of a wide range of optical products including binoculars, telescopes, monoculars, magnifiers, eyepieces tripods and supports, optical instruments and accessories.
the makers of Olivon Products
UK distributors for Ricoh digital cameras

The internet is a fantastic resource for information on digiscoping. The sites opposite are ones that I found particularly useful.

Check out the links from these featured sites for more fantastic information websites.

Try searching in Google or other search engines for phrases like digiscoping techniques or digiscoping instructions.

I'd also recommend you do a worldwide search not just a UK one as digiscoping is massive all over the globe especially America.

If you are new to digiscoping and are looking to buy equipment, searching the internet first for advise could save you wasting money on useless gear. I know this from experience.