Optical Hardware | Chest and Shoulder Support

The Optical Hardware Chest and Shoulder Support is a lightweight, compact support system for spotting scopes, binoculars, cameras and camcorders.

Ideally suited if you're out walking and observing, especially if you don't want the bulk and weight of a tripod, the Optical Hardware Chest and Shoulder Support is the ideal alternative.

Compact and lightweight, ideal when you're out walking and you still want the opportunity to observe.

The Chest and Shoulder Support, as the title suggests, offers stable support for your equipment in two positions, the chest and shoulders. Simply attach your scope or binocular via the quick release tripod attachment and click in to place. All that remains then is to adjust the angle and depth settings to suit your viewing requirements and equipment. A simple lever allows you to alternate the support between chest and shoulder position.

Chest Position

Shoulder Position

Not suited for long observation periods (that's a tripods job), the Optical Hardware Chest and Shoulder Support, for me, is perfect when I'm out enjoying a good walk, it gives me the convenience to able to take my spotting scope out in to the field without the need for my sturdy and heavy tripod, and at the same time allows for quality, stable viewing.

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