Optical Hardware | Heavy Duty Clamp

The Optical Hardware Heavy Duty Clamp offers a stable and flexible solution to mount your spotting scope, binoculars or camera to your car window.

If you're in a location where viewing from your car is suitable, or if the weather dictates that you you remain in the shelter of your car, or even if you have problems with mobility, the clamp can be attached to your car window and allows stable viewing through your optical equipment.

The clamp offers all the benefits of a high quality tripod head, with pan and tilt, it also allows 90 degree vertical rotation, especially useful if your scope is of the angled variety. (See below).

Figure 1

figure 2

Not an issue with a straight scope, but when using my angled Olivon scope in the normal position (figures 1 and 2) with the door closed, the eyepiece was in a too higher position for me to use. After simply rotating the tripod head 90 degrees, the lens was in the ideal position for me to observe with the car door closed. (Figure 3).

Figure 3

In my opinion, the Optical Hardware Heavy Duty Clamp is a great accessory to have in my digiscope kit, it offers the opportunity (and comfort) of in car observation with all the benefits of a versatile tripod head.

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