Olivon | FZ 8x40 Binoculars

The Olivon FZ series are seriously strong!

The first thing that struck me when testing these binoculars was that they were amazingly tough. It wouldn't worry me if I dropped them one bit. Featuring a very tough shock resistant and fully waterproof body the FZ 8x40 feel 100% reliable. Although not light, the traditional design is neat and compact and they feel good to hold.

The high resolution, BAK4, fully multicoated optics deliver bright crisp images.

If you prefer a strong, sturdy and traditional style binocular that delivers the goods optically and won't let you down out in the field, then consider the Olivon FZ series. The range is available in sizes 8x40, 7x50 and 10x 50. Retail from £169 - £199.

  • High resolution
  • Waterproof
  • Nitrogen filled
  • Fully Multi coated
  • Very tough body

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