Olivon | Hide Clamp System

Versatile Hide support system

The Olivon hide clamp system is very strong and very well made. It offers a superbly constructed, versatile system with greatly enhanced stability. There is a choice of long (45cm) or short column length (23cm) and both are compatible with all Olivon tripod heads.

I tested the long column along with an Olivon TRH-11 tripod head. Together the system was superb, offering very stable support, I've often got frustrated in hides before when digiscoping, having to stand at the back of the hide with my scope and tripod and not being able to see out. The Olivon hide clamp attaches to the shelf in a hide and is a fantastic option for digiscoping from within a hide.

If you already own an olivon tripod head, then all you need is the column, which connects easily and quickly to the head.

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