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My hobby is both Wildlife photography - DSLR and digiscoping as well as observing wildlife. When I go out, I like to combine the two. This can often result in carrying a lot of gear.

Ideally I want to carry my scope for viewing/digiscoping as well as my DSLR setup and binoculars. This can often be very tricky and results in either leaving gear in the car or struggling out in the field with all my equipment.

Olivon have come up with a great product to solve this issue with their new Podtreck. It's basically a rucksack that is cleverly designed to attach to your tripod legs allowing you to carry your tripod on your back.

This offers people like myself many advantages including:

The ability to carry your tripod (often heavy) in a comfortable position on your back.

Your spotting scope can remain attached to your tripod as you carry it so that you don't have to keep re-attaching it to the tripod head.

The bag is designed so that when you place your tripod on the ground for viewing, you can leave it attached to the tripod. Once finished you just close up the legs on the tripod and you can instantly be on your way again.

As well as these useful features above, the Podtreck also has a large zip up pocket for small equipment such as memorycards/spare batteries etc and a very useful detachable accessory carrier which carries more gear than I thought it would. I managed to fit two SLR lenses and a pair of 8x25 binoculars in to the pouch. The detachable carrier also has useful zipped pockets for other smaller accessories. All this meant I was able to carry my scope and all my accessories as well as keeping my hands free to carry my DSLR and telephoto lens.

In my opinion, the Olivon Podtreck for me, is a really useful and convenient accessory - perfect for the digiscoper, carrying all your equipment in one comfortable solution.

It is very well made and padded and just as important - comfortable to wear.

RRP £49.99

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