• Colour: Black/Grey
  • Height: 21.5cm (40mm ball)
  • Max load weight: 6kg
  • Material: Aluminium Alloy
  • Quick release plate included

Olivon | TRBH-14 Heavy duty ball head with quick action grip

I'm always on the look-out for equipment that can enhance my digiscoping performance and enjoyment.

The Olivon TRBH-14 Heavy duty ball head with quick action grip fits the billl.

The Olivon TRBH14 is extremely sturdy, it instantly feels up to the job of supporting a large spotting scope. Often when digiscoping using a standard tripod head, it can be frustrating getting the scope to sit in the right position whilst trying to photograph your subject matter. The TRBH-14 solves this problem for me, simply press the trigger and rotate the head smoothly in to position until you locate your subject, then with the release of the trigger the head locks into position perfectly. The grip is extremely solid and stable.

The ball head offered a large degree of rotational movement and covered any position that I required.

The sturdy quick release plate (included) allows for easy connection to your spotting scope.

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