Olivon | Universal Digital Camera Adapter

New digiscope adapter from Olivon offers maximum flexibility and convenience to digiscopers.

The new Universal Digital Camera Adapter from Olivon is a clever bit of kit, it slots over your Olivon spotting scope eyepiece and is secured by a tightening screw. You can then attach your digital compact camera via the tripod socket. Then simply invest a few minutes of your time to alter the horizontal, vertical and depth settings to suit your digital camera model so that it is alinged with your spotting scope eyepiece and your ready to digisope - it really is that simple.

Most digital compacts cameras will fit the Universal Adapter

The beauty of this adapter is that you can use almost any digital compact camera, even if it has an external zoom lens, simply adjust the depth rotating wheel to alter how close your camera is positioned to the scope. No need for lens adapters or specialist (often outdated technology) digital cameras, the latest compacts can now be used along with all the benefits and high megapixel resolutions they offer.

Another important feature of the adapter, is that you can rotate the camera away from the scope at any time so that you can use the scope yourself to observe, then simply rotate the camera back and it sits in its original position ready to digiscope - genius!

A fantastic feature - being able to rotate your camera away from the eyepiece for normal viewing

I found using the adapter a dream, I tried it with a small Fuji compact camera with an external zoom lens. It took approximately 5 minutes to alter the height, horizontal and depth positions until the camera was set up perfectly aligned with the scopes eyepiece, all that was required then was a small amount of optical zoom on the camera to eliminate any vignetting and that was it, I was ready to digiscope.

Even the larger sized Nikon Coolpix 4500 fitted perfectly.

I also tried the scope with a medium sized Nikon Coolpix 4500 and this also fitted perfectly, the only style of digital compact that may not fit are the ones styled like SLRs. I tried a Fuji S5600, but the large lens was to big, and the adapter could not accommodate the camera at its deepest setting, although having said that, cameras such as the Fuji S5600 have very large lenses causing severe vignetting, and I would advise against using this camera for such applications.

To sum up, the new Olivon Universal adapter means you can use your digital compact camera without having to worry about lens adapters and stepping rings, if your compact has an external zoom lens, you can adjust the adapter to suit. All it takes is a few minutes set up time, and once complete your camera will be ready and able to digiscope. The rotatable feature is a huge bonus, especially if you are a birder as well as a digiscoper, sometimes you want the flexibility to just observe, rather than photograph.

The new Universal Adapter from Olivon, makes digiscoping all that more easier and enjoyable, which to me makes it a must for my digiscoping kit.

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