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Creating this website has given me some great exposure to top quality optical equipment, and I regard myself very lucky to be able to go out and test these products that enhance my hobby. When a new product like the Ostara ED binoculars come along - it really does make my nature viewing so much more pleasurable.

I've often strived to own the very best optics available on the market but budget has always been a major factor holding me back. So when Optical Hardware contacted me to tell me about a new high end binocular due later in 2009, I was filled with anticipation especially when I heard what the retail price would be...

The Ostara ED binocular will be the flagship model of the Optical Hardware range of optics, appealing to those who want the very best possible optics available.

When I first opened the packaging, the feel of the binocular instantly oozed quality and I knew then that these were going to be a serious bit of kit. The fully armoured, waterproof body is a lovely deep green colour and aesthetically they are a very simple, stylish design with a silver trim which really gives a feel of quality. They are very solid and it's obvious they will be a lifelong companion and stand the test of time and use out in the field. They were very comfortable in the hand, a nice weight and had a strange appeal that I just wanted to keep on holding them and not put them down.

Now on to the business end
The optics, the lenses are fully multicoated and phase coated (naturephase) with twin ED (APO construction) - I'm sure you will agree - this is spec to rival any top end German model.

Looking through this binocular is nothing short of joy to your eyes, the clarity is outstanding, ultra crisp sharp images that just leap at you, in my opinion - completely flawless, I offered these binoculars to various wildlife wardens out and about on my travels and everyone who looked through them were completely impressed. I did some comparisons with a top German model of the same spec and there was no difference what so ever in the optical quality. Truly amazing.

Now here is the interesting bit - the price tag!
These binoculars share the same spec and quality of their German counterparts but where they do differ is the price, Optical Hardware are suggesting a retail price of £600 for these models - not cheap for a pair of binoculars by any means but when you consider that you would normally have to pay over £1000 for optics of this quality from other manufacturers, the Ostara ED offer exceptional value for money.

If you’re serious about your optics and want the best, then in my opinion you should consider the Ostara ED binocular. Forget about brand names and concentrate on the actual quality of the binocular itself - you won't be disappointed.

The Ostara ED binoculars will be available in an 8x42 and 10x42 later on in the year, check back soon for updates.

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