This area of the website is dedicated to showcasing your pictures, it's an ideal opportunity to share with the rest of the digiscoping world your pictures and a good place to compare other digiscopers techniques and equipment.

If you would like your picture / pictures included in the new readers gallery please email them to and I'll include them.

Birds and mammals both digiscoped and DSLR pictures are ideal. Don't forget to send me your name, date of the shot, subject matter, location and equipment used. They don't need to be works of art, they can also be shots that you are not happy with and want advice from others to improve your technique. Also if there is any other information you feel relevant to add with the picture - for example lighting conditions, please let me know. Please make sure that the images are a minium of 800 pixels wide so that they fit into my framed template.

If you would like to make a comment about any of the images in this readers gallery, please email me rob@digiscopedairy and I'll pass on the information to the picture taker.

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All the pictures in the readers gallery have been supplied by the individual, no improvements or image manipulation has been performed by myself. They are used here exactly how they were supplied.

Not all sent images may be included in the gallery. I reserve the right to not include images and I may withdraw them at any time. You agree to supply your images free of charge for inclusion in the gallery and understand that your image may be downloaded by other website users. All copyrights are retained by the original photographer.