Spotting scope and general setup

Before digiscoping, I attach my spotting scope to my tripod and my digital camera to my scope via the camera adapter. I then carry this set up with me out in the field, that way if an opportunity for a photograph arises, I'm already set up - seconds can be vital.

Rather than having to take the camera out of the adapter, I prefer focusing the spotting scope on to the subject with the digital camera already attached, therefore using the monitor of the camera to judge when the subject is in correct focus.

I recommend using the focus lock on your camera (usually pressing the shutter release halfway) before taking the picture, that way you can fine tune the scope focus before taking the shot.

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The advice on these pages is based purely on my own preferences and should be treated as guidance only. You may find other settings work better for you and your equipment.

The internet is packed with many digiscope websites to learn the best techniques, the digiscoping links page is a great place to start.