Optical Hardware have released their exciting new range of Visionary Digiscoping Adapters.

I've been testing the new Visionary range of digiscoping adapters for a few weeks now and have noticed three main points; they are very nicely made, very easy to use and are fantastic value for money. The Visionary adapters do genuinely make digiscoping easy! Plus at retail prices from £19.99 up to £59.99 they will fit into most digiscopers budgets.

There are three different types of adapters in the Visionary Digiscoping range (see opposite). The A Adapter - suited to SLR cameras, the S Adapter designed for most digital compact cameras offering quick connection to scopes with narrow eyepieces and finally the L Adapter which is designed to be used with any digital camera and any spotting scope offering total control and adjustability.

Visionary Camera Adapter - A
The Visionary Adapter A connects an SLR camera to the Visionary V60, V70 and V80 spotting scopes. It works with both the straight and angled versions by simply screwing it direct to the scope body over the eyepiece. The clever adapter allows you full operation of the scopes zoom and focusing facilities whilst connected to your camera (see diagram above right). A T2 mount is required to match your SLR body (not supplied). The T2 mount attaches to your camera body then simply screws on to the Visionary adapter. It takes seconds to set-up and instantly transform your Visionary scope in to a powerful telephoto lens. Focusing is set manually via your spotting scope. Retails around £19.99.
For more information about digiscoping with an SLR camera - click here.

The Visionary Camera Adapter - A
Suited to SLR cameras (digital and 35mm)

Visionary Camera Adapter - S
The Visionary Adapter S offers a quick and easy way to connect a compact digital camera to a spotting scope. Attaching this adapter to your scope takes very little time. It simply clamps around the telescope eyepiece. The clamp is adjustable and this adapter fits most scopes with narrow eyepieces including the Visionary V range.

Your camera screws onto the adapter via the cameras tripod socket. The adapter allows depth and height adjustments to suit most digital compact cameras. A few minutes of time is normally all that is required to align your camera to the spotting scope by adjusting the height and depth threads.

Your scope remains attached to your tripod as normal and the adapter can be quickly removed.
Using this adapter may restrict the zoom facility of your telescopes eyepiece.

The adapter works with both straight and angled spotting scopes.

I had no problems attaching my Ricoh GX100 camera. After approx 3 minutes the camera was lined up with the scope and after applying some optical zoom on the camera to eliminate vignetting, I was ready to digiscope. Retails around £29.99.

The Visionary Camera Adapter - S
Suited to compact digital cameras and
spotting scopes with a narrow eyepiece

Visionary Camera Adapter - L
The Visionary Adapter L
is a fully universal digiscoping adapter. This means it will work with pretty much all digital cameras and spotting scopes and offers massive amounts of adjustability.

The L adapter is strong and sturdy. The adapter has a standard tripod fitting to attach to your tripod head. The scope then attaches to the adapter (see opposite). The whole set-up feels very stable once connected.

The adapter is very versatile, and offers full height, depth and camera angle adjustability allowing you to achieve an extremely accurate alignment between your scope and camera. Set-up time for me took slightly longer than the S adapter, but once you have aligned your equipment - you are set up for the day. Once again, attaching my Ricoh GX100 was very easy and offered me an excellent digiscoping set-up.

The adapter works with both straight and angled spotting scopes.

One huge bonus to this design of adapter is that you can rotate your camera away from the eyepiece without having to dismantle or remove equipment (see above right diagram). You can simply swing the camera in and out of position to alternate between viewing and photography.

Fully adjustable all ways for any scope, any eyepiece, any camera. Retails around £59.99.

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The Visionary Camera Adapter - L
Suited to compact digital cameras and
most spotting scope makes and models

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